Labor Solutions.

We believe every business that needs quality workers should be able to find them.

We seek to understand your business before we ever begin recruiting anyone for an open position. We do this in order to make well-matched placements that maximize the services we offer and minimize the issues you have to face. We tailor our service to meet your needs so you are as involved as you want in the recruitment/selection process. We ensure the employees selected meet the qualifications established and have been oriented on the specific practices and expectations of the position. Background checks are conducted on all candidates along with a verification of employability. Skill testing, drug testing, and other screening tools are available, when requested. We pride ourselves on creating a seamless labor system that results in a win-win-win for all (employee, customer, us).

We believe safety is key to quality and that expectations regarding safety start with training.

All of our employees are required to complete an internal safety program and successfully pass a test in order to be placed. Some of our customers also require successful passage of a safety orientation specific to their business. If personal protective equipment is required, we ensure our employees have the appropriate equipment prior to start. Because we take the safety of our employees seriously, our mod rating for the past 3 years has averaged below a 1.0. With over 2,000 employees and nearly 50 different customer locations, our safety rating is a source of pride for us.

The right person in the right job is what we're all about.

We'll only send you the most qualified employees for your specific needs. The right worker means less training time for you, increased production, and the ability to deliver on your promises to your customer.

We offer the following types of labor solutions:

Just in time: This service is designed to complete your labor pool when changing circumstances arise such as production deadlines, special projects, or issues with filling open positions. We dispatch qualified employees to your location within a few hours of notice for as long as you need them. Some customers use this service regularly and, as such, have a pool of qualified employees that are trained and able to work whenever they need them.
Temporary labor: Trained, reliable employees for either a short-term or long-term assignment are the hallmarks of this service. While just-in-time labor focuses on day-by-day assignments, this service is designed for businesses that know they will need employees for a period of time but are not interested in offering permanent employment options. Temporary labor solutions solidify the employee's commitment to the assignment, minimize training time, and reduce injuries.
Temporary to permanent labor: If you are looking for an opportunity to determine if the employee placed is a good long-term fit for a permanent position, this is the service for you. You are a part of the process as we recruit, screen, and interview candidates - selecting only those candidates that are a good match for your business. Most customers make a decision on the long-term fit of the employee after 90 days - hiring the employee directly without penalty.
Managed Solutions: This service is designed to free up your time so you can handle issues other than labor management. Under a managed solutions arrangement, we manage and oversee the labor needs of your department, division or company by working with you to assure a consistent workforce, appropriate staffing levels are maintained, and production goals are met.